Estimated Costs

South Broward Endoscopy wants you, the consumer, to be informed. We encourage you to contact your insurance carrier prior to your procedure to verify coverage. Please make sure you provide the correct information. The facility is designated as an Ambulatory Surgery Center. Your procedure may result in upto 4 separate bills from healthcare providers for services:

  • Facility Fees aka 'technical component' (Ambulatory Surgery Center)
  • Professional Fees (Your Doctor's services)
  • Anesthesia Fees
  • Laboratory/Pathology Fees 

The patient or designated responsible party are responsible for all copayments at time of service. This can be paid with cash, check or credit card. Depending on your insurance policy and plan a deductible may also apply. Often your insurance plan will cover a percentage of allowable charges also known as contracted rates ( example:80% ) leaving the remainder as the patient's responsibility.

              Estimated Facility Charges                                                    Estimated Payment                                Estimated Patient Responsibility

Colonoscopy CPT 45378 ***             -      $1,400                                          $620                                                        $161

Upper GI Endoscopy CPT 43235**  -       $1,400                                          $515                                                        $173

*** A Colonoscopy may be considered as screening or diagnostic. This will vary by patient, personal and family history, and insurance plan. Be sure to clarify with your physician as benefits and eligibility may be affected.

** An Upper GI Endoscopy is always considered as a diagnostic procedure.

At the patient's request, South Broward Endoscopy will provide a personalized estimate of charges within seven (7) business days.Payments can be made directly on our secure link on the home page of our website. Payment plan arrangements may also be made. Please contact Billing at 800-514-9212 for additional information.